Celebrating Spring and Milestones with Th3 Lot

Dear Th3 Lot Community,

On Vasanta Panchami, the first day of spring, we observed Sarasvati puja, honoured the appearance days of Ragunath das Goswami and Visnu Priya devi, paid homage to Visvanatha Cakravarti on his disappearance day, and witnessed the sun's transition into Aquarius—a festival day indeed!

You may or may not be familiar with these names and circumstances, but just understand they are all significant and meant for the betterment of humanity both spiritually and materially.

To commemorate this special occasion, we had the pleasure of hosting a festival for our widow friends from Navadwipa. Together, we enjoyed a delightful spread of Krishna prasad, including Ponir kitchari, ponir pakoras, halava, and sweet balls, accompanied by uplifting kirtan.

More then 300 ladies assembled in an open park and took prasad and joined in the kirtan, and after they even helped us clean up. Many people came and volunteered to help us serve, because we made all the ladies' sit and served them on plates.

Coinciding with this celebration, we reached a significant milestone—1000 subscribers! We express our sincere gratitude to our friends, family, well-wishers, donors, and supporters for their continuous encouragement and support.

Make sure you check out the video we made about it!

We are deeply grateful for the blessings and achievements that enrich our journey, and we thank each one of you for being part of the Th3 Lot community.

With gratitude,

Urugaya and Th3 Lot Team

Emergency Resolved, Heartfelt Thanks to Our Community

An Unexpected Emergency: Recently, we faced an unexpected emergency—a situation that required swift action and the support of our community. The spot we've been using for our prasad preparation in Mayapur, our sacred cooking space for nearly three years, became unavailable. The owner needed to reclaim the land for personal use.

Your Swift Response: In response to this unforeseen challenge, we turned to you, our extended Th3 Lot family, for help. We reached out, and the response was nothing short of miraculous. Your support, messages, and efforts to find a new space for us were overwhelming.

An Emergency Resolved: We are delighted to share that, thanks to your generosity and the collective spirit of our community, we have successfully found a new home for Th3 Lot's kitchen.

Moving Forward with Gratitude: As we navigate this transition to our new cooking space, we do so with hearts full of gratitude and enthusiasm. The fire pit and shelter may have changed, but the unwavering spirit of Th3 Lot remains as vibrant as ever.

Stay tuned:
Stay connected for updates, videos and more info on our new location and new situation! We will make a public announcement soon.

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Back In Action: Ignite Your Curiosity!

Hey friends, family, well-wishers, supporters, donors, subscribers.
Whatever beautiful soul is reading this. Kudos to you!

I am posting this after a long time. Two months! Can you believe it?
Anyway, forgive me for not writing. What can I say? It’s not easy to find time. Time is there, but it is a matter of how we organize, utilize and prioritize it. Sometimes our service + life is just overwhelming.

Urugaya dasa from th3 lot surrounded by hungry villagers trying to get Krishna prasadam

Life Is Busy 

Currently I work full time for a project www.chantnow.com where we teach mantra meditation with the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, as well as develop courses, write articles and make videos and other kinds of content. If any of you are into spirituality, meditation or religion, please look, and even register. This service takes a lot of my time. On the days that I cook I do not go home and rest, I go home and get on the computer and continue my work. On top of this, because my wife and I require a little more income, we started a small business from our home selling ice cream. I wish I could just drop everything and only cook and serve for TH3 LOT, but it isn't that simple.

Eager villagers in mayapur line up for prasadam served by th3 lot

More Days, Less Days

Previously we wer cooking Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, but I have had to cut down to Tuesday and Sundays only. Perhaps in the winter when more people come to Mayapur we will get more help from the community and be able to cook more days. Now it’s summer and I am struggling to get help just to lift the pot onto the back of the truck to go for distribution. I am not doing a good job to inspire others to step forward and help. I don’t know how to get more support for this project. On top of that, especially now with the summer heat, it is a very difficult, heavy service to do this. Still, we march on.  

Young boy and girl from village being happy with th3 lot

Did You See Our Videos?

The first was about the fire pit that we built as (due to the kindness of many of you). If you didn’t catch it, here it is:

And our first time cooking on wood fire:

It is really fun and nice and wonderful. And the first time we cooked WAY TOO MUCH. With such a big pot we got a little ambitious. We fed the entire village and still had left overs.

Urugaya serving Krishna prasadam to young village children.

It is a big job though. The clean up is intense. And looking after the pot will be a challenge moving forward, especially in the rainy season. Need to make sure it doesn’t go rusty.

Even I tried to put out the fire with water and it exploded all over my face with hot soot. I was covered in ash! Always a learning experience. TH3 LOT has taught me a lot! By the end of a cooking day I am so dirty I can’t believe it.

An Appeal For Your Help:

Our Tuesday Navadwipa adventures to the widows ashram continues. These ladies especially require assistance. At least in the villages there is a community of sorts. But many times no one is seriously looking after these ladies.

Old widows of the bhajan ashram in Navadwipa lining up for th3 lot
Sand Into Soil
Trying to turn the sand in the garden into soil has been very difficult nad hard work. The amount of raw materials that is required is just too much. To do it on a small patch is possible, but we require large amounts of vegetables for TH3 LOT to be able to feed people. So for now I am only putting minimal effort into the garden, as already my energies are stretched.  
Maintenance Is the Mode of Goodness 

We have good facilities. Thanks to you we have a small truck, a huge iron pot, but maintaining them is not easy. The pot weighs 141kg it is not easy to move around, but I need to protect it from the elements. Already I can see a few spots of rust on our truck. I need to be very careful to maintain all this equipment so that we can continue doing this service many years into the future. 
Urugaya in th3 lot blue truck

Dream On, Carry On

I want to expand and do more but I don’t know how. So I carry on with sincerity and burning desire, and leave the rest up to divine will. I dream of the future, having land with lots of vegetables growing, maybe even a small community with kirtan as the heartbeat, living close to nature, serving others. Anyway, dream on, carry on.

See you all soon
Kind regards
Urugaya and TH3 LOT team

Urugaya dances in a circle with young kids from the village after th3 little finished distributing Krishna prasadam

The Spirit of Giving: Making a Positive Impact Beyond Beliefs

At TH3 LOT, we want to see the world at its best. This project exists for this purpose, because we are all in this human experience together, the lot of us! Our project is based on Seva and Harinama Sankirtan (kirtan) principles, which aim to inspire kindness and love and ultimately kindle the brilliantly shining spiritual aspirations of the living being. In this article, we will briefly break down our project, its meaning, what is prasadam and Harinama, and the impact we hope to have on YOU and the rest of the world.

Seva: Selfless service

At TH3 LOT, we understand that serving others is an act of kindness and a way to connect with our spiritual selves. Our mission is to distribute freshly cooked, nutritious, sanctified vegetarian food offered in love and devotion to the divine (Krishna prasadam) to villages in and around Sri Dham Mayapur, ultimately building kinder, more connected communities. And the best part is, we become so peaceful and joyful!

We started this project to improve the world (starting with ourselves!). Our approach is simple yet profound – prasadam and Harinama. Through prasadam and the Holy Names, we hope to create a powerful impact and demonstrate how this simple process can create loving exchanges and a deep sense of community among all beings.

How will we do it? One meal at a time.

What is prasad?

Why do we do this service? For us, it's not just about providing food to those who need it most but also about spreading joy and happiness. We believe food offered to Krishna becomes prasad or a sacred offering, and by sharing it with others, we are spreading divine blessings and love. This act of service is not just about providing physical nourishment, which is essential, but also about nourishing the soul and uplifting the spirits of those we serve.

It's not just about how this service makes us feel but also how it makes others feel. We have seen firsthand the impact of a simple meal on someone's day and life. The gratitude and happiness we receive from those we serve are truly humbling and inspiring. We believe that this service can make a real difference in the lives of those we reach by providing a sense of community and connection and giving them hope and support in times of need.

One of this project's most powerful aspects is the joy it brings to both the giver and the receiver. When we serve Prasad, we provide physical nourishment and spiritual upliftment. Seeing the smiles of those who receive the Prasad is a reminder of the power of kindness and generosity. Moreover, giving can be deeply fulfilling and transformative for those who serve.

We understand that not everyone may be interested in the religious aspect of our work, but we believe that anyone can appreciate the joy of serving others. It is a way to connect with others deeper, show empathy and compassion, and make the world better, one small act at a time. We want to encourage all of you, whether you are a Hare Krishna devotee or not, to get involved in our mission, spread kindness and love, and positively impact your communities.

The beating heart of this project

At the heart of our project is two facets:

  1. The idea of seva, or selfless service.
  2. Harinama sankirtan or “Kirtan” – musical mantra meditation.

Seva is a Sanskrit word that means service. By serving prasad with a spirit of love and devotion, we hope to inspire others to join us in serving humanity. We believe that through the act of service, we can cultivate a sense of compassion and empathy towards others, which can lead to a more connected and harmonious world.

Hare Krishna kirtan is a form of devotional sound meditation. It involves singing and chanting the Hare Krishna mantra, a sacred prayer understood to bring material and especially spiritual benefits to those who chant it. The mantra goes like this: "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare."

Kirtan is usually performed in a group setting, with participants sitting or standing, often in a circle, and singing the mantra together in a call-and-response style. The kirtan is often accompanied by traditional Indian instruments like the mridanga (a type of drum) and the harmonium (a type of keyboard).

Even for someone not religious, kirtan is a powerful and uplifting experience. The music is typically joyful and energetic, and the repetition of the mantra is a powerful form of meditation that helps calm and purify the mind and consciousness and brings a sense of inner peace and divine connection. Many people also find that the sense of community and togetherness that comes with singing, dancing, and chanting in a group is a positive and uplifting experience. Kirtan also creates a joyful and uplifting atmosphere, even after finishing the kirtan.

Beyond Religious Boundaries

While our project is rooted in the spiritual tradition of Gaudia Vaisnavism, we believe that serving others transcends any particular religious or cultural boundary. We aim to create a more inclusive and compassionate world where everyone feels valued and supported. Whether you are a devotee of Krishna or simply someone who wants to make a positive impact, we invite you to join us in this mission of love and service.

This project has universal aspects that people from all backgrounds and religions can appreciate. Practically we are experiencing the transformative effect of this service on the mind and consciousness, leaving us excited and uplifted.

Is it not a universal principle to connect to a higher power, regardless of religious or cultural background? We are not confined to any particular belief system or dogma; anyone can experience what we describe. Actually, we dream of inspiring YOU to do a similar project, wherever you are, to see the world as a better place.

One of the main benefits of seva and kirtan is the ability to calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. In today's fast-paced world, where many people struggle with mental health issues, TH3 LOT can provide peace and inner calm.

Kirtan is also a powerful form of meditation that can help individuals focus their minds and connect with their inner selves. By chanting with devotion and sincerity, individuals can develop a deeper connection to their spiritual nature, leading to greater self-awareness and a sense of purpose in life.

Another aspect of TH3 LOT is the sense of community and togetherness that it fosters. We are experiencing a great sense of unity and connection among the participants. Not just the team that cooks, sings and distributes but the local village people who honor us by accepting our offerings. This communal sense creates a powerful energy that everyone can feel, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

We found that what we do at TH3 LOT can also benefit everyday life. By cultivating a sense of inner peace and connection to a higher power, we can approach our daily tasks with greater clarity and focus, increasing productivity and success in our endeavors.
The universality of TH3 LOT lies in its ability to connect individuals, regardless of their religious or cultural background. By serving with dedication and sincerity, we are experiencing a sense of inner peace and purpose. We want you to be a part of it too.


We wanted to leave a few dot points here to summarise what we spoke about

Seva and prasad


Conclusion and future goals

We want to buy land and grow a lot of food for our cooking. We would also want an industrial-grade kitchen, and within a 10-mile radius of Mayapur, we would not want one living being to go hungry every day. We also dream of TH3 LOT as a place where people can come and stay together, share their skills, and have a community of like-minded, genuine, loving, and sweet humans. We would want TH3 LOT to be a model to the rest of the world on how to live. Perhaps we are just dreaming, and that’s okay. It’s nice to dream sometimes. We know however far we get along the pipeline of our dream, every step is positive and wonderful.

Ultimately, we hope our project can create a ripple effect of goodness and kindness, inspiring others to serve in their communities. We may not be able to solve all the world's problems, but we believe that we can make a real difference by starting small and serving with love. So let us unite and serve with open hearts and a spirit of generosity.