"We are all on this planet together. We need a broader vision to understand that we are all part of the same family and that the Earth is our mother."
Founder, Urugaya dasa.

How did TH3 LOT come about?

At the heart of TH3 LOT is a vision for the community. We imagine TH3 LOT as a land-based co-op where individuals come together to share unique skills and talents, work in harmony with nature, and cultivate organic produce. We aim to create a community that sustains itself and promotes a way of living in tune with our planet and spiritual nature.

This vision has since expanded to encompass a broader meaning – TH3 LOT is all of us. We are all interconnected, and our shared experiences and struggles unite us for a common purpose.

Humble beginnings.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed the immense suffering of all people, but particularly those who struggled to provide food for their families. As foreigners in Mayapur, we were approached by many locals seeking financial assistance. We knew we had to help but didn't want to give them all the time just money. We wanted to offer something more nourishing and meaningful – Krishna Prasad.

With limited resources, we cultivated the desire to cook and distribute sanctified vegetarian food on a large scale. One day, a close friend got his hands on some money, but we couldn't convince him to invest in us to start this project. However, shortly after this conversation, we received an unexpected deposit from our grandparents in Australia, who wanted to support us, but unrelated to this project. We took this as a divine sign and used the funds to start a community kitchen, serving prasad to those in need. Today, the TH3 LOT project has expanded significantly, providing hope and nourishment to many.

The core team.

Our team comprises individuals from different countries, including Australia and Mauritius—Lalita Kunda, Urugaya's wife, and her brothers Prema, Vrindavan, and Vyas. Yamuna Cakrobati, a local, helps us every time and originally taught us how to cook Bengali—Joydeb Biswas, who pulled the cycle rickshaw. Ananta Gauranga is also our powerhouse kirtaneer, and Krishna Kirtan is behind the scenes making everything work.

Vrajendra Kumar and Amala took over the project when we had to leave for our visas, and Keli Kunda helps with the vegetable cutting regularly. Numerous individuals have helped us since our inception, and we're grateful for their support.
Village children sitting for Krishna prasadam

Our mission.

Our website serves those in need, regardless of their religious beliefs or spiritual inclinations. We aim to spread joy and love and improve the world. Prasad, a sacred food offering to Krishna, is served to those needing spiritual nourishment and as a hot, nutritious meal. TH3 LOT has grown, serving more people, not just with access to food, but also spiritual nourishment. We welcome anyone to join our mission, whether as a follower of Krishna or simply wanting to make a positive impact. Together, we can manifest a world where no one has to suffer alone.

Stay updated on our mission to serve 1 billion plates.

Special thanks to our monthly donors:
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