Timeline achievements

1000+ Subs on YouTube +Big party

We crossed 1000 subs on YouTube, which coincided with the first day of spring Vasanta Panchami, Sarasvati puja, Ragunath das Goswami and Visnu Priya devi appearance days, Visvanatha Cakravarti disappearance day + sun enters Aquarius. A festival day... to say the least!! We cooked up a storm for our widow friends from Navadwipa. Check out ourvideo!

125,000 Plates Served!

Today, 7 Feb 2024 we crossed 125,000 plates of Krishna Prasad served in and around the villages of Mayapur, since we started 3 years ago. We are now 0.0125% of the way towards our goal of 1 billion plates. We are excited to have crossed this small milestone and looking forward to achieving our ambitious goal.

New cooking spot found!

We found a great bit of land in a great location. Just need to rebuild! Stay tuned for updates.

Need A New kitchen Spot!

We have been cooking at our kitchen for 2.5 years, thanks to our friend who kindly leant us that land. However now he wishes to develop that land, so we are URGENTLY searching for a new cooking spot

100 000 Plates Served!

We crossed 100K plates served in and around Mayapur!! On the way to 1 billion!! 0.0001% of the way there! WooHoo!

15 000 Plates Served in Germany

We teamed up with I LOVE MAYAPUR. They provided us with a wonderful opportunity to distribute Krishna Prasadam at a huge festival in Germany where we served more then 10000 plates. Check our video about it! Please note that we decided not to include this number in our endeavor towards 1 billion plates, as this was not EXLUSIVELY a project we did.

Sizzling Success - Wood Cook

We made our first cooking over wood flame in the fire pit we built. It was too much fun! Although now it is summer its a little hot next to those flames! Looking forward to winter when we can gather round the fire to stay warm!

DIY Fire Pit Adventure

We built a huge fire pit for our new pot. This took way longer then expected. However, it was great fun and a wonderful learning experience. Check out the video to capture the whole experience!

Purchased New 141kg Iron pot

Thanks to your help we wer able to buy a new HUGE cooking pot. This means we can cook WAY more MUCH faster. A BIG BIG shout out to Kaushalya, Henry F and Shourya who made all of this financially possible. Forever grateful.

They Cooked We Ate!

We had a wonderful experience recently - instead of serving, we were served! We visited a village where we usually distribute, to Yamuna's home. She cooked for us and showed us immense kindness and hospitality. This experience reminded us of the power of building relationships and sharing experiences. We're excited to share this heartwarming story!

Flat back motor rickshaw

We received our 3-wheeler flatback motor rickshaw thanks to the help and support of all of you!!!!! This is a huge help for us in many ways. Now we can also go much further and reach people we never have before!! Exciting times.

Growing vegetables

Cleared all the land at TH3 LOT, where we cook as we want to start growing our vegetables. We discovered that the soil is all sand and not so fertile. Only very specific things grow in this sand. So we have learned how to turn sand into rich fertile soil. This is an exciting project we will work on over the next months!

Serving in Bhajan ashram

We decided to make sweet halava for the ladies as well as giving them puffed rice. We love this service and pray for blessings we can keep it going!

Visiting Navadwipa Bhajan ashram

This was an exciting opportunity for us to serve 400+ elderly widows and residents of the holy dham. This opened a new opportunity for us to serve moori, puffed rice that is not perishable, as they requested. They can keep and use this moori for days.

500 subs celebration

Served halava to 1,000 devotees at the ISKCON Chandradoya Mandir in Mayapur to celebrate reaching 500 subscribers.

500 Subscribers

We hit 500 subscribers on YouTube and asked subscribers for advice on what we should do to celebrate!

Cooking increases

We increased cooking and prashadam distribution from twice a week to thrice a week.

Service expands

We made sweet halava prasadam on behalf of a dear community member that left their body and distributed it to 1000 devotees attending the morning program of ISKCON Mayapur, and we have been enthusiastic about keeping this service going since then! At least once a week, we are distributing halava prasadam.

Cooking increases

We increased cooking and prashadam distribution from 1nce a week to twice a week.

Cooking begins

Our first time cooking!!! We started off cooking 1nce a week.

Buying equipment

We went to Navadwipa and bought all the cooking equipment and ingredients to cook with the help of some local friends who took us to the right places and negotiated the correct prices for us!

Establishing a cooking place

After speaking with members of our local community, we got a piece of land and a place to store our cooking equipment.

Project started

After speaking, “If we get the money, we will start a kitchen and distribute prasadam in the local Mayapur villages,” we received a surprise donation (wholly unrelated and spontaneously) the same day!!

So we took it as a sign from God and used this money to start the project.

Stay updated on our mission to serve 1 billion plates.

Special thanks to our monthly donors:
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Arindam Mukherjee
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