blogCelebrating Spring and Milestones with Th3 Lot

Celebrating Spring and Milestones with Th3 Lot

March 5, 2024 
• 1 minute

Dear Th3 Lot Community,

On Vasanta Panchami, the first day of spring, we observed Sarasvati puja, honoured the appearance days of Ragunath das Goswami and Visnu Priya devi, paid homage to Visvanatha Cakravarti on his disappearance day, and witnessed the sun's transition into Aquarius—a festival day indeed!

You may or may not be familiar with these names and circumstances, but just understand they are all significant and meant for the betterment of humanity both spiritually and materially.

To commemorate this special occasion, we had the pleasure of hosting a festival for our widow friends from Navadwipa. Together, we enjoyed a delightful spread of Krishna prasad, including Ponir kitchari, ponir pakoras, halava, and sweet balls, accompanied by uplifting kirtan.

More then 300 ladies assembled in an open park and took prasad and joined in the kirtan, and after they even helped us clean up. Many people came and volunteered to help us serve, because we made all the ladies' sit and served them on plates.

Coinciding with this celebration, we reached a significant milestone—1000 subscribers! We express our sincere gratitude to our friends, family, well-wishers, donors, and supporters for their continuous encouragement and support.

Make sure you check out the video we made about it!

We are deeply grateful for the blessings and achievements that enrich our journey, and we thank each one of you for being part of the Th3 Lot community.

With gratitude,

Urugaya and Th3 Lot Team


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