blogEmergency Resolved, Heartfelt Thanks to Our Community

Emergency Resolved, Heartfelt Thanks to Our Community

January 20, 2024 
• 1 minute
Th3 Lot old kitchen

An Unexpected Emergency: Recently, we faced an unexpected emergency—a situation that required swift action and the support of our community. The spot we've been using for our prasad preparation in Mayapur, our sacred cooking space for nearly three years, became unavailable. The owner needed to reclaim the land for personal use.

Your Swift Response: In response to this unforeseen challenge, we turned to you, our extended Th3 Lot family, for help. We reached out, and the response was nothing short of miraculous. Your support, messages, and efforts to find a new space for us were overwhelming.

An Emergency Resolved: We are delighted to share that, thanks to your generosity and the collective spirit of our community, we have successfully found a new home for Th3 Lot's kitchen.

Moving Forward with Gratitude: As we navigate this transition to our new cooking space, we do so with hearts full of gratitude and enthusiasm. The fire pit and shelter may have changed, but the unwavering spirit of Th3 Lot remains as vibrant as ever.

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