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We distribute fresh, nutritious prasad to villages in Sri Dham Mayapur, building kinder, more connected communities one meal at a time. Help us serve.

Support Our Mission to Empower Indigenous Communities

Today, 7 Feb 2024, we crossed 125,000 plates of Krishna Prasad, served in and around the villages of Mayapur since we started three years ago. We are now 0.0125% of our goal of 1 billion plates. We are excited to have crossed this small milestone and looking forward to achieving our ambitious goal.
If you wish to transfer directly to us through our local bank, UPI, or PayPal, please click here.

Help us serve 
1 billion plates.

For us to achieve our ambitious goals in this lifetime, we need to expand our serving capacity! As such, we would like to ask for your help to serve one billion plates.
Plates served

How did TH3 LOT come about? 

Originally TH3 LOT referred to our vision of a plot of land. A co-op where people come together as a community, share their skills and grow veggies—living off the land. Organic and close to nature. 

Over time the meaning of TH3 LOT has developed – TH3 LOT now means everyone. WE ARE TH3 LOT. We are all on this planet together – we require a broader vision to understand that we are all in the same family, and the Earth is our mother. 
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Absolutely. TH3 LOT actively seeks collaborations with other charities and organizations that share our mission. If your organization is interested in joining forces, please reach out to us for further discussions.

We value every helping hand. Contact us directly for information on current volunteer opportunities and how you can get involved.

On average, we go out four days a week, except on Mondays (unless there is a special request).

It costs us 5500/- (Indian Rupees) to feed 500 people. Every donation, regardless of size, makes a meaningful difference. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to see how your support contributes to our mission.

Currently, TH3 LOT is registered as a sole trader in Australia, not as a charity. However, we aim to achieve charity status by 2025. This reflects our commitment to transparency and responsible financial practices.

Donated funds support sourcing fresh, nutritious ingredients, operational costs, and expanding our reach. Through social media, the newsletter, and our website, we share success stories and share updates on funds allocation.

Stay updated on our mission to serve 1 billion plates.

Special thanks to our monthly donors:
Satrughna Das
Arindam Mukherjee
Manasi Devi Dasi
Brandi Pennell
vijay kamath
Michelle Fuhlbohm
Suraj Kumar
Vimel Chug
Rakesh Thota
Uma M K
Anushma Sharma
Vish Bindage
Megharaju Kachu
Corey Ackerman
Ryan Dowless
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